Mistra Urban Futures

With a growing proportion of the world’s population living in cities, urban environments need to become more sustainable. This requires knowledge across a wide range of fields, from sustainable use of water and energy to social issues. Within this research centre, researchers and practitioners are developing innovative solutions for engineers, architects, planners and economists, in both the private and the public sector.

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  • Duration: 2010–2019
  • Mistra funding: SEK 171 million
  • Host: Chalmers University of Technology
Events during the year
  • Anna Johansson, the former Minister for Infrastructure, took over as the new Chair of the Centre.

  • The year’s international meeting with representatives from all local platforms was held in Cape Town. Matters discussed included new documents defining the focus of work on justice, green cities and dense urban areas.

  • Articles by researchers from the Centre were published in Nature and Nature Climate Change. They focused both on the model for work involving co-produced research and on the need for research on sustainable cities to be broadened to include more than technical solutions.

  • One result from the year was a project concerning attractive communities close to travel junctions, where several municipalities have started to work on making their urban areas more walker-friendly and extending public transport services.