Mistra Sustainable Consumption

Sustainable consumption and production patterns are needed for the transition to a more sustainable economy. This is set out in, for example, the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The intention is for the programme to help develop the area and increase knowledge about which ways forward are possible and most effective.

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  • Duration: 2017–2021
  • Funding: Mistra is investing SEK 45 million and other funding partners another SEK 5 million
  • Host: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Events during the year
  • The programme conducted a survey of potentially sustainable behaviours in consumption. Altogether, it yielded 700 examples of what sustainable consumption of holidays, home decoration and food may entail. The results will be used in further research on how minority behaviours can be spread to more people.

  • Several of the programme’s researchers and community partners published a joint debate article. The article emphasised the need for a powerful policy that imposes limits on the climate impact of consumption, and does not turn a blind eye to greenhouse gas emissions in other countries resulting from Swedish consumption.