Mistra STEPS

Sustainable Plastics and Transition Pathways

This programme aims to develop plastics based on biological feedstocks. In Sweden, forests are a conceivable source of raw materials, while in other parts of the world they could come from agricultural products or algae. The transition to biobased production should be guided by systems thinking, taking account of factors such as energy consumption and the use of various additives.

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  • Duration: 2016–2020
  • Mistra funding: SEK 45 million
  • Host: Lund University
Events during the year
  • In a discussion brief drawn up by the programme, five possible choices were outlined on the basis of a survey of sustainable options for the plastic of the future, based on current research.

  • The programme was on the spot at Almedalen, and both held and participated in seminars during the week. Topics discussed included opportunities relating to a transition to sustainable plastic and challenges associated with fossil raw materials, littering and varying recyclability.