Mistra REES

Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions based on Circular Economy Thinking

Mistra REES is seeking to develop principles, methods and guidelines that will serve as a basis for resource-efficient products, services and business models. Another aim is to propose policy instruments and packages that will promote the transition to a more circular economy.

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  • Duration: 2015–2020
  • Mistra funding: SEK 42 million
  • Host: Linköping University
Events during the year
  • To disseminate its results outside academia, researchers in the programme appeared both on TV and in the press to talk about their results, the consequences of consumption, and the circular economy.

  • The programme joined in holding the CIRP IPS²* 2018 international conference in May. (* CIRP = International Academy for Production Engineering; IPS² = Industrial Product-Service Systems.) The theme was resource-efficient, effective solutions for meeting society’s growing demands for resource and environmental challenges to be tackled.

  • In a debate article, the programme researchers emphasise how IT equipment worth billions of kronor is being discarded instead of reused, as an example of challenges on the road to a circular economy.