Mistra Innovation

Small and medium-sized enterprises may have good ideas for greener products and services, but often lack research resources of their own. This programme gives such businesses the chance to develop their innovative ideas in collaboration with higher education institutions and research institutes. The focus is on areas judged to be of major significance for Sweden’s industrial competitiveness.

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  • Duration: 2012–2019
  • Mistra funding: SEK 88 million
  • Host: Mistra
Events during the year
  • Mistra Innovation’s work and results, including the whole organisation of the programme as well as the individual projects, were evaluated ahead of a decision from Mistra about a possible similar new initiative.

  • Examples of successes from the latest phase of the programme include a project on industrial frying in which gas oil has been replaced with electricity; a new type of lead-free brass in water and sanitation products; small electric-powered vehicles; and fossil-free hydraulic fluid.