Mistra InfraMaint

The vision of the Mistra InfraMaint research programme is, based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, to contribute to sustainable infrastructure. The aim is to achieve this by supporting state and municipal operators by providing improved services, such as condition assessment of physical structures and improved forecasting of future maintenance needs. The programme also includes projects focusing on development of organisations and new business and funding models, and on skills provision.


  • Duration: 2018–22
  • Mistra funding: SEK 49 million, out of the total programme budget of SEK 80m, with contributions from participating organisations
  • Programme host: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Events during the year
  • The new programme had a kick-off meeting in October, and during the year to date it has formed a programme management and started a few of the 20 projects altogether that are planned.

  • A board for the programme has been appointed. It is chaired by Kristina Gabrielii, chief executive of Gabrielii Development, and the members come from the municipalities of Jönköping and Valdemarsvik, the company Alimak Hek, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the Swedish Transport Administration.