Mistra Financial Systems

This programme aims to show how financial markets and operators can contribute to a more sustainable society, in areas ranging from environmental impacts of the economy and financial stability to efficient financial services. The results will support both private and public decision-making, as well as providing a basis for reforms and regulation of the financial sector.

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  • Duration: 2016–2019
  • Mistra funding: SEK 30 million
  • Host: Stockholm School of Economics
Events during the year
  • The programme’s researcher Andreas Hoepner was appointed as an expert in the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, which assists the European Commission in making the EU’s financial structures more sustainable.

  • In August, an international conference on sustainable financial systems was held. During the two days, current research was presented and challenges were discussed by representatives of the financial market and public stakeholders, as well as academics.

  • One result during the year was a study published in Nature in collaboration with the Stockholm Resilience Centre. This demonstrated a connection between environmental degradation and tax havens, which contribute heavy monetary flows to meat- and soya-producing sectors of the Amazon region. Many ships engaged in illegal fishing are, moreover, registered in tax havens.