Mistra Fellows Programme

This initiative seeks to develop collaboration and increase the exchange of knowledge between Mistra’s various research groups and international research organisations. The plan is to give four researchers a year the opportunity to work for an international organisation, with a focus on policy issues.

Mistra provides funding to enable up to four researchers annually to spend a period abroad. The maximum award per person is SEK 1 million.

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  • Duration: 2015–
  • Host: Mistra
Events during the year
  • It was decided that Mistra’s initiatives will now also have the option of inviting foreign researchers to visit Sweden to promote international exchange.

  • Malin Mobjörk of Mistra Geopolitics was a visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in the US during the year, studying how present-day American policy is affecting the climate issue and global security policy.

  • Nils Johansson of Mistra Closing the Loop worked at the Oeko environmental research institute in Berlin, studying European waste policy, as a Mistra Fellow.

  • One outcome from a previous Fellowship is the European PGRIP (Plant Genetic Resources International Platform) for biologists and lawyers, started by Dennis Eriksson of Mistra Biotech and based on his previous exchange with the European Plant Science Organisation in Brussels.