Mistra Environmental Nanosafety

Nanomaterials are being used in more and more areas, and have many properties that could contribute to sustainable development. At the same time, there are significant gaps in our understanding of their environmental characteristics. This programme offers an interdisciplinary research environment that will generate new knowledge, identify new applications and help ensure safe use of nanotechnology.

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  • Duration: 2014–2018
  • Mistra funding: SEK 40 million
  • Host: Chalmers University of Technology
Events during the year
  • The programme held a major international conference that gave prominence to research from various fields on nanoparticles and their environmental impact; risk assessments concerning particles; and future risk management and possible regulations.

  • One result in 2018 was a life cycle analysis of the effects of studded tyres on human health, showing that the particles these tyres release take more lives than they save.