Mistra Closing the Loop

Better use of industrial wastes through effective recovery of materials is one way of ‘closing the loop’ in society. This research programme aims to develop more efficient methods of recovering materials such as metals, chemicals and plastics, as well as electronic and other complex products. It is designing ways of both identifying resources and recycling them back into industry.

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  • Duration: 2012–2019
  • Mistra funding: SEK 88 million
  • Host: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Events during the year
  • The programme embarked on a close dialogue with Swedish government agencies ahead of its concluding year and held meetings with, for example, the National Environmental Protection Agency, the Chemicals Agency and the Government Offices.

  • As a Mistra Fellow at the Oeko environmental research institute in Berlin, Nils Johansson of Mistra Closing the Loop studied European waste management to obtain in-depth knowledge of Sweden’s waste policy.

  • One finding during the year was that green liquor dregs from pulp and paper mills can prevent acidic effluents from mines. The research took place in the GLAD project.