Mistra Biotech

Biotechnology for Sustainable and Competitive Agriculture and Food Systems

In years to come, food production will need to combine higher yields with reduced environmental impact and natural resource use. This programme takes a comprehensive approach to biotechnology in farming and food production. Aims include reducing the need for fertilisers, increasing resistance to disease, and ensuring that innovations meet high ethical and safety standards.

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  • Duration: 2012–2019
  • Mistra funding: SEK 94 million
  • Host: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Events during the year
  • The programme’s successful trials to domesticate field cress, a wild oilseed plant, showed potential for producing tomorrow’s bioenergy.

  • Mistra Biotech’s ‘Shaping our Food’ podcast was active and popular during the year, with six features on widely varying subjects, from gene banks to various types of starch and how knowledge of genetics can help to develop the food sector.

  • In cooperation with Mistra, the programme provided support for the Plant Genetic Resources International Platform (PGRIP). One of this network’s aims is to bring about greater mutual understanding between biologists and lawyers on the topics of biosafety, access to plant genetic resources and intellectual property rights.