Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development

Climate change, growing political interest and new technology to extract natural resources are fuelling conflicts between different stakeholders and different future choices of direction in the Arctic. Historical developments in the region also have implications for the decisions taken. This research programme seeks to advance understanding of the situation in the Arctic and to identify ways forward that will promote sustainability.

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  • Duration: 2014–2018
  • Mistra funding: SEK 30 million
  • Host: Umeå University
Events during the year
  • Participants have been included in the management of several organisations, including the Barents Joint Working Group of Higher Education and Research. The programme also took part in several sessions at the international POLAR 2018 conference in Davos.

  • Programme Director Peter Sköld was elected as the new Chair of the University of the Arctic, a hub for 203 higher education institutions and research institutes engaged in Arctic research and teaching.

  • The annual Umeå Arctic Forum was held in December for the third time. One topic in focus in Umeå was skills requirements; another was future forests and climate change.

  • In an extensive international initiative, the programme produced a report to the European Commission on future research challenges associated with social sustainability in the Arctic.