Sustainable Production Systems

A thematic programme to increase understanding of how higher yields and reduced environmental impacts can be achieved in agriculture, and how sustainable fish farming and other forms of aquaculture can be developed. Research is being done at a number of centres, to develop strategies, technologies and ideas relating to efficient and sustainable crop and animal production. The programme is co-funded by the Swedish Research Council Formas and the Lantmännen Research Foundation.


  • Duration: 2014–2017
  • Mistra funding: SEK 32 million
  • Hosts: Vreta Kluster
Events during the year
  • The programme was concluded after four years. Its focus had been on sustainable methods of aquaculture and agriculture. Topics in focus at the closing conference in October included cereal varieties that withstand extreme weather; alternative feeds for milk production; and algaculture on a commercial scale. A non-specialist magazine, summarising research findings and new, innovative methods, was also presented.